Château de Commarin


A number of hotels, guest houses and bed&breakfast are available around Commarin within 10 kms.

In Commarin:

- Gîte de France.
- Les maisons d’hôte du Château You may want to enjoy our two new Guest Houses in the Parc of the Castle, which will allow you to have great time in the country side in a delighting environment and at 30 mns only of Dijon and Beaune. One house was built in the 18th century, the other one in the 19th century, and both have been equiped and renovated with modern comfort. Please click on the link to get more information.

In Châteauneuf en Auxois, 4 Kms

In Vandenesse en Auxois, 5 Kms

In Sainte Sabine, 10 Kms

In Pouilly en Auxois, 10 Kms

In Sombernon, 10 Kms

In La Bussière sur Ouches, 10 Kms